Function of coating of TiN of plating of ion of much arc of 3 kinds of material is compared

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Summary: Horniness TiN film uses as extensively the wear-resisting layer of high-speed steel cutting tool, use lesser at other steel to plant. 3 kinds of material use this anthology choose W6Mo5Cr4V2, 3Cr2W8V and GCr15 coating of TiN of deposit of equipment of much arc ion, determined the structure of coating of the adhesion of the exterior hardness of coating, coating and matrix, TiN and transfer a hardness profile. Test result proves: The hardness that chooses to keep tall below deposit temperature only and contain more alloying element especially the base material of V element, ability obtains the TiN coating of good performance. Keyword: Abstract of adhesion of plating of ion of TiN coating much arc: TiN Coatings Deposited Onto High Speed Steel(HHS)by Physical Vapor Deposition Have Successfully Been Used In Metal Cutting Applications For A Number Of Years.

But Its Use To Other Materials Is Studied Fewly.

The Present Paper Sudied Hardnes And Adhesion Of Three Materials.

The Show That If Want To Acquere Good Property Of TiN Coating We Must Selec Material That Has High Hardness On The Temperature When TiN Coating Deposited And That Contains More Alloy Elements Especially V.

Coating of TiN of plating of ion of 1 preface much arc has coefficient of friction small, hardness tall, wear-resisting, be able to bear or endure corrode, be able to bear or endure a series of advantages such as oxidation, use extensively at high-speed steel cutting tool, but the application in other data side is less. 3 kinds of material use this anthology choose W6Mo5Cr4V2, 3Cr2W8V and GCr15 equipment of plating of much arc ion is on its deposit TiN coating, determine through the experiment the exterior hardness of TiN coating, transfer of coating of a hardness, TiN preferred the adhesion of orientaton and TiN coating and matrix, the principle of base material chooses when announcing to use coating of TiN of deposit of equipment of plating of much arc ion. 2 experiments method 2.

The chemical part that 1 experiment uses base material with the chemical composition experiment of base material sees a table 1. The %CSiMnCrWMoVPSW6Mo5Cr4V20 of composition of chemistry of chemical composition steel grade that expresses 1 experiment to use base material.














30   0.







  of 35     0.



2 experiments use W6Mo5Cr4V2, 3Cr2W8V, GCr15 with the heat treatment craft of base material and hardness experiment 3 kinds of material. Sample size is 8mm of  20mm × . The hardness after heat treatment of classics of 3 kinds of material is 64HRC, 50HRC, 61HRC respectively. The heat treatment craft of 3 kinds of material sees a table 2. The material of heat treatment craft that expresses 3 kinds of 2 material quenchs temperature (℃ ) temper temperature (℃ ) temper time (W6Mo5Cr4V212305601 of H) temper frequency.



Plating of ion of much arc of craft of coating of TiN of plating of ion of 3 much arc is the ATC-500 that makes in American VAC-TEC company much arc ion undertakes on plating equipment. (Craft cleans before 1) plating: Lotion of immerge thick Qing Dynasty, turkish bath of Freon of supersonic and incentive → bath of dip of supersonic SS-1 of → of bath of → freon dip - supersonic tap water, go bath of freon dip of → of ionic water full, dehydration - freon dip bath, shuck off leftover activator. (2) coating handles technology: Vacuumize → system heats (fill argon air, glow discharge) → of → ionic bombard fills ammoniac air, coating (100A)- of working electric current drops in temperature a furnace. 2.

The TiN coating after 4 coating function checks pair of besmear Fu undertakes hardness determines, coating adhesion test and analysis of X ray diffraction. 3 tests result and discuss 3.

Of 1 coating microscopical hardness, adhesion and preferred of coating of orientaton   TiN microscopical hardness is in homebred 71 model microscopical determine on sclerometer, because coating is thinner (3 μ of 2 ~ M) , according to the data [1] decided microscopical hardness test load is chosen 0.

25N, effect time is 15s. Hardness test is the effective average 5 o'clock. The result sees a table 3. The function that expresses coating of TiN of 3 kinds of 3 material compares material surface hardness (HV0.

025) adhesion (analysis of diffraction of ray of X of N)W6Mo5Cr4V22100753Cr2W8V200040GCr15200032     turns in D/MAX-RB target X ray undertakes on diffractive appearance. TiN is in (111) brilliant face has preferred orientaton, its peak value by arrive greatly small arrange order to be W6Mo5Cr4V2, 3Cr2W8V and GCr15. From the watch 3 knowable, close of hardness of coating of TiN of 3 kinds of material. Because TiN coating itself has tall hardness, should check load only not quite, test force not action arrives on matrix, what measure a result to show is the hardness of TiN coating itself. Because these 3 kinds of stuff are right the hardness impact of TiN coating is not big. And of TiN(111) of 3 kinds of material preferred orientaton is existing difference. Document [2] introductory TiN coating appears preferred the 3 paces music of orientaton: (1) form nucleus; (2) competition grows; (3) stability grows. We think to be in of TiN coating preferred orientaton forms V of the alloying element in the process to having quite main effect, grow to competing especially have main effect, make contain V to measure expensive stuff to appear easily when deposit TiN coating consequently TiN(111) is preferred orientaton. The interface between surface of high-speed steel matrix and TiN coating already observed below electric lens area extension grows [3] . There are about 20% carbides in W6Mo5Cr4V2 matrix, among them MC (basically have identical crystal structure for VC) carbide and TiN, its lattice constant is respectively 4.

16 with 4.

24, the fault when extension grows deserves to spend it is only 1.

6% . It is very advantageous that so small fault deserves to spend pair of competition to grow, because this contains V amount,tall W6Mo5Cr4V2 and 3Cr2W8V steel have apparent TiN(111) preferred orientaton. And have intense TiN(111) preferred the TiN coating adhesion of orientaton is tall also, this from the watch 3 in can see. Bibliographical reference [4, 5] in also point out, have intense TiN(111) preferred the adhesion that the coating of orientaton has had. Of TiN coating adhesion rise to also be concerned with the improvement of interfacial property. Coating and matrix can form 3 kinds of different interfaces, namely: In all case union interface, part in all case union interface, without interaction interface. In all the adherent force that case union makes coating has been had, the interface that does not have interaction adds exert oneself very poor. And alloying element forms an influence to the interface very big, especially alloying element V. To the electric lens of high-speed steel matrix and TiN coating interface observation announced the extension of area grows. Such one kind grows means is helpful for reducing internal stress, be helpful for raising adhesion. Transmission report lens considers to make clear [6] , its extension grows means has two kinds: (100)TiN ∥ 100VC, (110)TiN ∥ 110VC. From component of 3 kinds of material knowable, because alloying element content is different especially the difference of V content, the level that creates area extension to grow is different, make its interface structure produces change, affect adhesion thereby. Additional, alloying element also transfers the influence the layer is formed reach atom to diffuse behavior, if infuse of Ti, N is reached,diffuse influential also to adhesion. 3.

Coating of 2   TiN transfers a medium hardness profile and coating of influence   TiN transfer the hardness profile curve in the layer sees a picture. Coating of TiN of 3 kinds of material transfers the hardness profile curve in the layer sees 3 kinds of data from inside the graph the hardness that in distance surface 20 μ M is in differs very big, the discretion of discretion of the hardness after this and base material heat treatment and deposit when deposit TiN coating temperature has very big concern. The deposit temperature when coating of TiN of deposit of equipment of plating of much arc ion is in 500 ℃ of 450 ~ inside limits, the to base material refuses temper stability demand when this temperature lays deposit coat is taller. To high-speed steel, although metallographic examines,make clear deposit temperature to be apart from the surface when 300 ℃ above 0.

Place of 1mm less than has decarbonization appearance, but matrix hardness keeps changeless below all deposit temperature [7] . And GCr15 has truly bigger drop. The chemical composition of this and material is different namely alloying element content differs to cause its to fight temper stability to differ thereby matter greatly. It is good that the steel that contains more alloying element can make sure its fight temper stability, taller hardness maintains below deposit temperature. And the hardness in the base material when deposit TiN coating is high-energy the adhesion that assures coating and matrix is good. Its reason is matrix hardness tall, have a powerful effect that prop up to TiN, make film and matrix had been united in wedlock, this and most research result are consistent. If matrix hardness is low, fall in load action, hard and thin coating easy generation is out of shape, craze as a result is brought about flake, thereby consociate force drops. Go up from essence for, hardness depends on above all the type of the key in material and character, hardness is tall a cohesion can big, key is shorter. And the adhesion of film and matrix, can understand to go up not to make film metal and base metal are in for unit area the largest active force with photogenic and separate interface. This kind of active force basically comes from the action that bolts at the metal. Metallic bond is the mainest force in union of film base material. Not only film and base material are in in each other interface is to rely on union of this kind of force, and be brought up in what film adds crystal lattice of the metal in thick process also is to rely on union of this kind of force. Because the hardness of matrix is different, its bolt to the metal of TiN coating join forces differs, the metallic bond power that hardness brings to bear on higher is greater, the adhesion of coating and matrix is so better. 4 conclusion   (1) the exterior hardness close of coating of TiN of 3 kinds of material, but adhesion differs very big. (2) has intense TiN(111) preferred the coating adhesion of orientaton is good. (3) can carry the data of tall hardness when deposit temperature is 500 ℃ of 450 ~ , adhesion of its TiN coating is good. (4) should assure his to have tall hardness below deposit temperature when choice base material, the alloying element that contains certain amount at the same time especially V, such ability make sure TiN coating has good adhesion. CNC Milling