Advanced Ban gold makes international technology

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To get used to current production industry compound and fast and efficient, flexible market asks, technology of Sheet Metal Fabrication is being digitlized forward, compositive change the direction with intelligent informatization to develop. This period ad hoc " advanced Ban gold makes a technology " special number of a eriodical, introduce newest Ban gold to make technology and treatment equipment, the application that includes punching machine of panel punch technology, curved trigger, numerical control, numerical control to fold system of machine of bed, Laser Cutting, control to wait and development trend. Spot welding of technology of join of TOX® panel punch, riveting is industrial group is commonly used not dismountable type metal panel chooses join method, these craft all are existing to be not worth and use the limitation that go up on economy and technology. The international patent technology that Germany entrusts Ke Sichong to press technical limited company to develop, technology of join of TOX® panel punch solved these problems successfully. Technology of join of TOX® panel punch says not to have rivet again riveting, it is in TOX® gas fluid adds punch of force crock type on join equipment, use pattern of TOX® special join cold to be being joined panel undertakes extruding, the plasticity through panel oneself material is out of shape, form TOX® join dot and come true. TOX® join mould reachs those who connect contact to if the graph is shown 1 times,fashion a process. Can see from the sectional graph of join dot, below the effect of special punching power that in TOX® gas fluid the crock that gain strength produces, the panel material of punch a side is gone to by extruding inside the panel of sunken model side, in farther extruding process, panel material plasticity " flow " , form swallow end account to enchase, the TOX® join dot that can form to be pricked without the Yi Momao side arris already so. The TOX® that graph 1 TOX® receives what mould and join nod to because panel material is formed in extruding,fashion a process joins dot is in, structure of its interior grain is refined to reach change in order arrange and do not have tear off injury, what so TOX® dot passes its panel data not only is mutual enchase and have enough static state to fight cut tension join strength, and still have strength of admirable dynamic and fatigue join. Below same condition, the spot welding of far outclass of dynamic and fatigue intensity of TOX® join dot, this already was carried out by a large number of application of the industrial domain such as the car be confirmed. In addition, TOX® joins the formation of dot won't affect the corrosion resistance of here panel, because of the formation in TOX® join dot in the process, the film of panel or lacquer layer also follow one of removing plasticity is out of shape " flow " and without tear off injury. Pollute without the environment in TOX® join process, without noise; Punch join equipment but join of automatic monitoring TOX® nods quality, connection treatment reliability is extremely high; The panel that changed a tradition machines technological process, decreased to machine working procedure and stock move. Additional, as a kind Leng Chong presses treatment, TOX® join still can go to the lavatory to have link reliably many a little bit, punch is machined, can at the same time when, ten bits even join of a few bits. TOX® join mould also can fold a turn to shape with workpiece mould matched stack constitutes compound pattern, punch machines what can complete work at the same time to fold the turn shapes and join, manufacturing efficiency is extremely tall. To actual production, produce to large-scale big batch especially (wait like industry of auto industry, home appliance) , of its cost reducing is extremely remarkable. Mass-produced practice statistic makes clear, the 40% ~ that TOX® joins charge is charge of spot welding connection about 70% . The applied limits of technology of TOX® dot join (the data offers: The solely invested Si Chong that hold a gram in the palm presses Germany Li Yong of technical limited company) Sertom of SERTOM curved trigger fetterses in plate material forming machine the sale outstanding achievement that the industry has more than 4000. Become better to make quality is controlled, sertom Technical Division uses a kind " final part is calculated " contemporary software, it can forecast machine the rest effective job life, anticipate evaluate and amend finally, working hours of seasonable set ideal. And, after the machine is enabled often also compare what get in imitate phase effectively with real target, although very satisfactory data is better. Accordingly, sertom curved trigger is all the structure is be calculated through terminal part program and get. Additional, the large size structure that suits with photograph of machine itself thrust, also assured to bend the firm sex with the long-term service life, biggest trigger and security. EMO of model of 3 roller curved trigger should bend hydraulic pressure trigger adopts hydraulic pressure both ends to be bent beforehand, use at in / thick board bend, 15~250mm of turn board ply, 450mm can be amounted to when hot-working. What with other tradition 3 roller or the type that 4 roller bend trigger differ is, the side roller of EMO can change wheelbase becomes independent severally the level moves, hang down to move continuously with the fluctuation carrying roller on the head of motor drive, this kind of revolutionary geometry design can make it often serves as 4 roller, pyramid type or asymmetry type to use. Because wheelbase is alterable, it is had 1) multi-purpose quality (increase the wheelbase between side roller to be able to use Yu Wanhou board, reduce the wheelbase between side roller to be able to use Yu Wanshao sheet metal) ; 2) when be being bent beforehand board always be in horizontal position (handlers is accordingly safer) ; 3) although the most heavy-duty date also does not want foundation, because this reduced size. The 4 roller that RIMI 4RV BULL takes linear slideway bend trigger this is curved trigger of a new-style hydraulic pressure, 4 roller structure is strong, roller is mobile on linear slideway, turn board ply 20 ~ 250mm. The structural stiffness with tremendous profit from and contemporary fluid - the athletic precision that electric system offers, assured to be bent beforehand with bent the biggest precision. All functions are controlled by contemporary PLC, also can offer more advanced CNC (but so that operate,the graph shows) . (the data offers: Italian SERTOM M.

Agency of M company Shanghai) tool of laser beam machining has opportunity of Laser Cutting of numerical control of high power of China labour 5000W flexible change, the characteristic such as environmental protection of high accuracy, efficient, energy-saving, green, it is the new and high technology that collect light, machine, report, software is an organic whole, it is equipment manufacturing industry main component. The key of machine of Laser Cutting of numerical control of 5000W high power that development of China labour laser produces solved cut system compositive technology, axis sheds development of system of numerical control of engine of CO2 laser technology, Laser Cutting quickly to wait for the crucial technology that restricts development of system of Laser Cutting of high-powered high power, the technical progress that drives relevant industry actively and industry upgrade. Its are tall main technique index is in machine of Laser Cutting of power numerical control domestic banner level, can replace foreign congener product: The first, the aircraft of Laser Cutting of numerical control of 5000 W high power that this machine develops first for home, use structure of smooth route of complete flight of cantilever movable type, solved cantilever tigidity, fight brace up beam of light of gender, high power is transmitted, compositive control and software are optimized wait for crucial technology, achieved practical change a standard, solved big thick board Laser Cutting difficult problem; The 2nd, be based on system of numerical control of Xi Menzi 840D, developed special control system, those who have fast stiletto is automatic detect, blame contact focus dogs automatically, the function such as control of automatic cuttings pick-up, implemented Laser Cutting automation; The 3rd, deploy optics of three focal length cut head, have pressing remove dust, cut head prevents collision (namely automatic restoration) wait for a function. The 4th, developed high speed two-way pallet changer, improved cut efficiency. (the data offers: Project of laser of Wuhan China labour is finite liability company) CNC of He Erbi case folds curved Electromechanical fluid synchro control and energy-saving technology CNC are electro-hydraulic and synchronous the machine that fold a turn starts in China later, but develop however in recent years swift and violent. Its core technology: The dependability of system of hydraulic pressure synchro control reachs use state is CNC one of segment with the most important dependability of the machine that fold a turn. CNC is electro-hydraulic synchronism and common the advantage with the more distinct than having the following photograph that twist an axis: 1.

With common the machine that fold a turn relies on torsional canal synchronism of compulsive slide block is different, completely the balance that relies on hydraulic pressure oil path realizes the synchronism that CNC loses curved chance. The control system of complete closed circuit makes the journey of hydraulic pressure oil cylinder is in monitoring and adjusting control condition constantly. Once oil cylinder appears,tilt, issue a statement what CNC is located in the grating feet of oil cylinder both sides with respect to meeting ground is numeric and quickly, make proportioning valve make adjust a movement, make oil cylinder keeps synchronous thereby. 2.

CNC folds curved machine to be able to come true to slant completely hold press press, below the circumstance that in an oil cylinder full load works, pressure of another oil cylinder is 0. 3.

Electro-hydraulic and synchronous system also can make slide block tilts be issued to lower levels, give the work with alterable angle in order to fold a turn, this is common the function that the machine that fold a turn cannot accomplish. 4.

The pressure that electro-hydraulic and synchronous system issues in each working status also is by basis of scale pressure valve the parameter of CNC is self-adjusting. 5.

Movement of electro-hydraulic and synchronous system does not have concussion smoothly, can come true to arrive quickly slow fast transfer smoothly, reduce hydraulic pressure impact, increase systematic stability. 6.

Because the position of oil cylinder is decided by control system, can come true same a pair of mould can have different point of view fold a turn, make the machine that fold a turn becomes a kind flexible machine tool. Can see, do not have factitious element to intervene below the whole job status of the machine that fold a turn, whole journey automation is controlled. Pass CNC parameter to be able to undertake adjust and be correctioned to each operating mode of course. Case of green jade of German congratulate Er (HOERBIGER) outside eliminating the electro-hydraulic and synchronous system that provides all sorts of specification, still develop a pressure to balance the pressure such as amplifier of proportioning valve of module, PVR5eco to balance a technology, can improve a system work efficiency and reduce hydraulic pressure oil to give out heat, come true thereby energy-saving. (the data offers: Case of congratulate Er green jade (without stannum) automation technology limited company) a machining center of efficient fast metal plate connect in Germany fast (TRUMPF) before course of study of Sheet Metal Fabrication of fashionable of metallic plate machining center, turn tower punching machine is the alternative with only people all the time, the impression that its give people is flexible with efficiency. More and more users realize now, open fast linear knife library the efficiency of metallic plate machining center is mixed higher flexible stronger. The main characteristic that opens machining center of plate of metal of CNC of fast hydraulic pressure is as follows: 1.

Structure of unique linear knife library: Mould dimension does not get work size limitation; Pincers dead band is small, the position but with mould crossing-over; The mould changes a pattern, assemble and unassemble convenient and simple, it is only between a few seconds; Expect on convenient, safeguard easily. 2.

Intelligence changes hydraulic pressure drift: 360 ° control all moulds free graduation, do not get work limitation; Electro-hydraulic and direct drive, need not clutch; The hydraulic pressure clamp of the mould can assure to be opposite accurately up and down heart, can machine ≦ even 0.

The board with 5mm large board; Direct control pace develops the trace that receive a knife; Mould but programmed control rotates, can undertake pressing expecting rush and be takinged off makings is strong; Mould length is compensated automatically. 3.

Programmed control workpiece falls makings and flotsam collect: Need not small join, the 100% generation that prevent to carry makings and waste material. 4.

High rate, Gao Rou sex, size range of pipe bent is wide: But the high speed shift of stepless adjustment and pace are strong; The standard locates 2 times function, can machine longer plank; Thin / thick board all can machine, not steel, aluminium board, mild steel and nonferrous metal are like copperplate to wait to also can be machined. 5.

The structure is unique and simple and high grade mould: Mould service life is extremely long; Lubricant function also can lengthen sparge mould life; Use press muscle and shutter figuration mould to be able to undertake the pace develops form cutting; Mould sort is rich, get used to all sorts of products. Rush besides the pace and outside floating rate, the machine tool develops the scale that cuts time to occupy whole working hours actually is the mainest factor that the user should care. Well-known, the whole working hours of the user comprises by this a few parts: Fluctuation makings time (occupy whole working hours 10% ) ; Assist time, include process designing to wait (those who take whole time 10% ) ; The mould assembles and unassemble time; Rush actually cut time. Turn the mould of tower punching machine assembles and unassemble time and machine goods lot have very big concern. According to statistic, to product of lot of moderate size, the mould assembles and unassemble 45% what time occupies whole working hours, accordingly, rush actually cut time to be occupied only 35% . Expect time and auxiliary time suffer the effect of goods lot scarcely up and down, the proportion that both the sum holds whole working hours is 20% . Apparent, the mould assembles and unassemble time proportion is smaller, strong cut time place to hold proportion taller. The structure of linear knife library that because other is distinctive,opens machining center of fast metal plate has a structure with the model, the mould assembles and unassemble the proportion that time holds whole working hours is very small, and the effect that does not get goods lot basically, this value is 5% , because this rushs actually,cut time to be as high as 75% . Namely, rush quickly cutting time is traditional turn tower punching machine is 2 times what cut time stronger. (the data offers: Tell limited company of fast Hua Jia) numerical control folds curved machine to reach electro-hydraulic technology of servo synchronism numerical control 1970, development of Swiss CYBELEC company gives a whole world system of numerical control of the first NC; 1978, CYBELEC company development gives the whole world that has epoch-making sense the first electro-hydraulic servo breaks system of curved engine numerical control, from this the production that numerical control loses curved chance develops real numerical control from NC (CNC) control, up-to-date this kind of technology still is folded to bend a mechanism to build business place to be used extensively by the whole world as a kind of standard. Today, the ceaseless and improved innovation as numerical control technology, hydraulic pressure technology, mechanical function and the respect such as use method, regard a kind of general Sheet Metal Fabrication as craft, numerical control folds the function of curved machine to developing to the direction such as convenient, efficient, nicety, safety, treatment application range is wider and wider. Because the cost of numerical control system is reduced, make electro-hydraulic the cost that servo loses curved chance and the cost that twist axial synchronism to lose curved chance are more adjacent, what because this loses curved aircraft manufacturer,begin to produce the standard that tall sex price compares is electro-hydraulic servo folds curved machine to replace the synchronism that twist an axis to lose curved chance. For example, the production of system of DNC60 numerical control that Osmanli Dumazlar company begins to use Swiss CYBELEC firm from 2005 is electro-hydraulic servo numerical control loses curved chance, because performance/price ratio has competitive advantage very much, make this firm increases greatly in market share of the whole world. Additional, as a result of the flying development of computer technology, numerical control system uses these latest technology on hardware and software, make operate and use what numerical control loses curved chance more convenient. Current, numerical control folds curved machine to reach electro-hydraulic the main trend that technology of servo synchronism numerical control develops to digitlization direction if: 1.

Windows operating system develops platform as the system, facilitate the machine that fold a turn is used, safeguard reach software to upgrade. For example system of CYBELEC DNC880S numerical control uses newest Windows XP operating system. 2.

With software of process designing leaving a line, can undertake in the office dimension of computation, mould is optimized be foldinged automatically bending working procedure, interference is corrective generate with the machine program that fold a turn. Numerical control is folded computer is used to undertake process designing while curved machine is being machined, repass floppy disk or network convey the program that has written numerical control system, make work efficiency rises greatly. 3.

Human nature changes a design, fashionable exterior is designed, exceed airframe of light ultrathin metal. For example CYBELEC ModEvaS series and DNC880S series introduced fashionable clipper-built model. 4.

Use technology of high reliability hardware, for example system of CYBELEC DNC880S numerical control used high capacity 1GB to shine put a technology, modEvaS series CPU advocate board wait for main component " inside Tibet " in CNC, and systematic interior does not have wiring, put an end to hidden trouble. 5.

Modular structure, rise class transplanting easily, for example CYBELEC ModEvaS series is used compositive module of ETX CPU of low power comsumption of 400MHZ industry standard, offerred quality for the client the professional class with outstanding, powerful function is high-grade process designing platform. (the data offers: Technology of Si Baike numerical control (Shanghai) limited company) CNC Milling