Electric spark forming machine function of corner of bed M code, C code, T code, R

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(After 1)M code 1) M00 implements M00 code, the program suspends moving, after bolting by Enter, the program runs below one paragraph then. After 2) M02 implements M02 code, whole process end moves, the condition of all mode code by restoration, that is to say, the mode code of a program won't affect next course. After 3) M05 implements M05 code, break away from a contact (M05 code is in only this block is effective) . When electrode and workpiece are contacted, want to use this code ability to removed electrode. 4) M98 its format is " M98P****L*** " . M98 instruction makes the program enters a subprogram, subprogram date by " P**** " give out, the circular time of the subprogram criterion by " L*** " affirmatory. 5) M99 states the subprogram ends, return a main program, continue to carry out below one block. (2)C code is in the program, c code is used at choosing to machine a condition, the format is C*** , there cannot be other character between C and number, the number also cannot omit, insufficient 3 should fill " 0 " , be like C005. Each parameter shows in treatment the condition shows the area is medium, can change at any time in treatment. The system can store 1000 kinds machine a condition, among them 0~99 machines a condition from the definition for the user, the others machines a condition for systematic decided at the higher level but not officially announced. (Code of 3)T code T has T84 and T85. T84 dictates to open fluid pump, t85 dictates to shut fluid pump. (Function of corner of R of 4)R corner function, it is the joint in two curves adds a paragraph to transfer circular arc, the radius of circular arc is appointed by R, circular arc and two curves homogeneous phase are cut. The program appoints the format of R corner function to have: _ of R of _ of G01X _ Y; _ of R of _ of J of _ of I of _ of G02X _ Y; _ of R of _ of J of _ of I of _ of G03X _ Y; . When to explain: ① R and radius value must be mixed the athletic code of the first paragraph of curve is inside same block; Function of ② R corner is in only compensatory condition falls (G4l, g42) ability is effective; After ③ should cancel to compensate with G40, corner of the R in the program is appointed invalid; ④ adds R corner function to disable after G00 code. CNC Milling