Machining adjusts an error

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In each working procedure that the spare parts machines, be mixed by the appearance of treatment surface, dimension to obtain positional precision, must undertakes to machine tool, clamping apparatus and cutting tool such or in that way adjustment. Any tone full employment can bring a few primitive errors necessarily, this kind of primitive error adjusts an error namely. Adjust error and adjust a method to concern. Adjust a method to basically have: ① tries cut a law to adjust try cut a law to adjust, it is to be being machined the spare parts undertakes " try cut - measure - adjust - retry cut " , till achieve the precision of a requirement. Its adjustment source of error has: Measure an error; When minim feed, the error that orgnaization sensitivity causes; Deepness of the smallest cutting is affected. ② adjusts ③ to use model with the orgnaization that decide Cheng or example is adjusted CNC Milling