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Unless you are to be in the forest, otherwise you can encounter various extruding model inevitably to expect in daily life lieutenant general, be like: The frame of the adornment of the wall of the building, car, window. Although you are in the forest, a kind of crucial part that the tree that you see also is the most advanced now compound extruding material - lumber. Wood fibre or woodiness powder and plastic resin mix together, after repass extruding is formed, can process a lot of products. To enlarge the scope of application with plastic extruding, a lot of manufacturer use new technology, special material extruding adheres to into film in plastic surface layer, this film is adamant, the influence that can resist seasonal change is brought. Create hollow crisscross structure likely with this kind of material so. All these innovation originate the innovation sex of extrusion die is designed, and these designs must rely on advanced treatment technology to pay all implementation again. Company of CPC Tooling technology regards extrusion die as provided manufacturer, all the time the development of technology of makings of follow closely crowded compression moulding. This company ever was the subsidiary of Crane plastic company, this complete beauty's accordingly greatest extruding is plastic manufacturer is CPC company's biggest client. As an independent company, CPC company must develop competition to win the order form of Crane company and other company. All clients hope to get serving the delivery with good good product, prompt quality and competitive price. The graph prepares repaired mould to get off, can be clear about to the exterior rough sketch that controls data flow is used in seeing clothes tree pattern. Trinitarian " design and be being made of extruding mould is a science also be a kind of art. " Bob White of manager of department of CPC company pattern explains so. The production that Mr White full-fledged member is in charge of extruding mould and and shape, the equipment that refrigeration concerns. He says: "You must know material how to flow in extruding, apply this kind of knowledge to design mould etc tool. You must understand all treatment technology, such ability undertake machining. " CNC treatment is to pass two vertical machining center to undertake. These machine tools use distinctive to having triangle outspread structure (like clothes tree) complex surface outline undertakes 3 axes milling, use two axes milling to undertake machining to relevant tool and mould component. Electric spark machines an area to deserve to have type of a ram and machine tool of 6 EDM walking along silk, can undertake when machining pointed corner structure 4 axes are machined, this pair of extruding technology that implement a mould are very vital. And craft of this kind of extruding is OK form simple stuff processes the product with figuration complex form. Line cut leave out a few interchangeability are inserted, huge prolonged the service life of the mould. Skilled mould makes a worker offer all assembly component, can assemble mould and other part system of a job with these component. Two have accurate milling cutter, lathe tool, grind provided tool library to make systematic flexibility is mixed professional stronger, the treatment that can realize any pair of moulds, breakdown detects, a series of functions such as repair. All round antrum of model of graphic representation of treatment of CNC machine tool discharge aperture, these aperture can make extruding material forms a film around rock-bottom material flow. Concentrated high yield because function of CNC machine tool powerful, productivity is tall, they had made the crucial equipment of CPC company. Because can have three-dimensional treatment to complex exterior outline,saying its function is powerful is. Because it allows to undertake 2 dimension are machined,its high yield is, tray changes device, can make through process designing its are in treatment status all the time, make full use of. The main facility of ministry of CNC machine tool is machining center of two Fadal vertical, a VMC4020 and an a bit more largish VMC5020. These power have the main shaft rotate speed of 10000rpm and 7500rpm for the machine of 22 horsepower, the biggest taper can amount to 40 degrees. 4020 model there is cooling system inside main shaft, two machines are regard software as platform with Virtual Gibbs. Although only 10-20% is three-dimensional treatment in the treatment task of these machine tools, but the pattern that still reflected CNC skill is applied. CPC company can produce a variety of extruding patterns, include those to be able to be machined large thin model the plank extruding mould such as the mould of workpiece, clothes tree mould, and the chamfer of going from place to place that has triangular structure characteristic. Those who flow into groove is narrow upright along bottom land outline, mouth of stable flow direction chamfer is in. The fluctuation model of clothes tree model is machined on VMC. And these surfaces machine method to be finished in the editor on the system of Anvil Express CAD/CAM beyond product line, the network download that passes a company next arrives on CNC. "The structure of the mould decided work efficiency, " White explanation says " these year come, we had mastered how to design the geometrical model of the clothes tree model that is used at tall metre job, without CNC, we do not have a law to machine these three-dimensional structures. " now have the aid of at machine tool of 3 axes CNC, the company can produce a few fine structures of bubble mould. This kind of mould can make be lapped by additionally one kind of material like capsule of epispastic PVC plastic elephant, such plastic product appearance is normally good-looking, and wear well. "We use three-dimensional treatment to machine this drainage chamfer, it has the effect of clothes tree of a miniature in mould interior. "Mr White says. Will outer material joins look makings chamfer from the two side of product line, next it forms amid of a filmy will plastic package. Mr White says, design of this kind of mould is OK the pattern that designs before manufacturing efficiency raises 40-50% , the mould previously is to use inclined chamfer to convey surface layer material. "Reduce inclined chamfer to make mould structure simplifies, such we can be compared previously more economy, fast use mould. " Nextpage uses a diameter in be machined to drainage chamfer 0.

125 inches or smaller globose head milling cutter, use the biggest rotate speed. Apply EDM, company leave out on the mould can replace insert. Be these identical machine tools formed the company's main productivity. Although to alone for mould of a kind of extruding, with " productivity " this one noun appears a bit not quite conform to, but Mr White thinks this is completely appropriate, the reason has 2: One of, the treatment of extruding mould and relevant tool needs the 2 dimension of many standard to machine, be like, bolt aperture; Secondly, CPC company had been developed a series of module, the tool of interchangeability, can mix configuration, size range of pipe bent is very wide. When systematic component stores, these had made the preparation that carries immediately. When 2 dimension are machined, basically be the utilization rate that wants to raise main shaft, mr White explanation says: "That is us to every machine tool equipment tray changes the reason of device. When one works to undertaking, another task has been over on another tray completely ready. Main shaft just is changing the ability when tray stops machine. "The factory plans to use two axes to machine also is same reason. For instance, CNC handlers downloaded the data of modular antrum outline, decide to should install what kind of configuration next. The pattern plate that store often is regarded as basic standard. Virtual Gibbs software makes corresponding treatment way according to the input of handlers. Mr White says: "When other program backstage moves, process designing personnel begins to undertake this kind of process designing. " if the innovation says to once craft of some kind of treatment brings revolutionary word to extruding mould, that walks along filar EDM namely. EDM walking along silk is right tall hardness material has depth narrow the best method that groove machines, it need not break up the mould machine complex outline, thereby managing handling time, make the workmanship of the mould simplifies. CPC company had machine tool of the first electric spark walking along silk 1977. Since then, the process instrumentation of CPC company develops as the development of EDM craft. The flat panel of crowded extrude shapes in 2 through these directing device can form appearance in the process the product of each different. This workshop had had machine tool of 6 EDM walking along silk, be production of Mitsubishi EDM company. Among them two newest is FX20K model, can have cut of type of pointed horn treatment, immersion; Can undertake fighting electroanalysising the force setting, computer program that runs 32. Division of presiding process designing Mr Troy Kimmes that occupies CPC company says, all ability that these innovations enhanced treatment extruding mould greatly, especially taper process capability. Can make go up through process designing cut line delays a method to move, and next cut lines move along another method, this is very easy on the mould put oneself in another's position with modular minor antrum, treatment starts to talk chamfer of bigger cone-shaped and oriented join. Part of body of this deputy mould streamline, use the typical structure that EDM machines namely. The possibility when immersion type treatment avoided to have sophisticated treatment with line cut arises splatter. Because had,fight electroanalysis force setting, can use electrode to had swept the treatment appearance that line cut produces, in order to achieve final requirement measure and slick surface. So that the condition of test point fire with 32 OK and clear program is adjusted quickly, shun a line thereby rupture, do not send generation misoperation. CPC company has mould outline besides use EDM outside treatment and clipper-built taper treatment, still develop other application field. The most important is to connect a line to manufacturing spare parts is machined and shape 2 times. After the production that connect a line allows to squeeze casting die to shape in, can undertake other assists technology instantly. It is punching model, punch model, OK to cut off a model to wait will machine with EDM walking along silk. Taper cut still can use treatment oriented and deferent device, these device can be chip extruding workpiece shape undertake directing, shape workpiece to be groovy shape or manage account. The workpiece of each different adopts the form of graphic representation namely these are oriented those who shape. Transfer through the change oriented device, mould of same deputy extruding can produce the product of appearance diversity. Transfer oriented device normally 3 or a group more regarding <> as, every oriented device is passed in workpiece shape more " drape " arise when mould drawing. The line cut of oriented device is smooth the surface, the figure with the final formation that makes work OK and great. Mr White says, this is CPC company adopts use mould front a series of oriented fit is sudden economy chooses to shape the method of appearance. The selling manager of CPC, before the company is in charge of Matt Fenneman explanation: "We still cancelled to insert. "Insert be guided bevel angle, so that be pressed into the mould easily easy wear away the assembly of place mouth, and can very good to it be identical. In can change model method of cut of same bevel edge is used in the treatment of core, core axis can make crowded casting die forms hollow alternate place. Core axis passes reticulate structure and mould join. This net allows to material flows and surround core axis, final cram antrum. The cone-shaped lock of net brim decides device to be able to be pressed to enter the heavy Kong Zhong of mould wall. Wear away or destroy model core can be procrastinated to go out, change those who go up to prepare when making modelling core is mothball model core. Standardizing tray is CNC company modular production base, can set the facility of CNC, EDM and tool library treatment system. Professional chemical industry has the run mode that the place that library CPC company succeeds additionally one times is tool library. Branch of tool room staff is two groups, one group is 8 people, basically be in charge of extrusion die, another group is 4 people, be in charge of tool clamping apparatus. All personnel are passed groom, because this is whole,the job is united very easily harmonious. Company president Herb Huchison says: "Mould and tool personnel are CPC company is invisible fortune. "Tool library provided accurate mill, lathe, grinder and other common equipment, but the equipment such as devoid CNC and EDM. However one person has tool warehouse personnel a few special skill. Tool warehouse personnel takes mould and equipment combination product line, achieved the biggest production efficiency. Mr White says: "The skill that we emphasize at employee rises and of personnel apply neatly. We give these 12 employee sufficient power, can the production of mould of write one's own ticket, equipment, adjust, with maintenance. " branch of tool warehouse personnel and CNC, EDM cooperates closely, huge increased the rate of progress planned speed of the project, shortened time limit for a project. And they can undertake 6-7 at the same time in the day the cooperation of the project. Tool warehouse personnel is one is made, but can choose to go up 4 days every week class, everyday 10 hours. Mr White says: "This kind of flexibility is very general now. "His task is the team that assures him is complete, but this does not state they have special right. "This is already important the job that is full of challenge sex again, "Mr White says " each hour can produce effect, we believe they can be competent this job, not need goes be in charge of them to be in all the time what. "CPC company is preparing to purchase more milling machine and grinding machine at present, in order to ensure a work efficiency that manufacture. CNC Milling