High pressure is out of shape processing technique makes small-sized component inside

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In daily expense consumable, electronic technology, communication technology or in auto industry domain, the product presented the development trend of miniaturization in the market. The miniature component that these production want is having lot time of big, production demand of complex, public errand mixes appearance of pressing, geometry strictly precision is advanced requirement. The manufacturer can use miniature normally be out of shape processing technique will finish. Graph 1 inside high pressure shapes craft is OK the miniature part that pipe fitting of Bao Bi of high quality of big batch production makes is when workpiece of metal of miniature of big batch production, be out of shape processing technique is had technical with economy the advantage of two respects. Be based on this kind of reason, the IFP of university of advanced and professional technology produces division grand technical institute, basically be engaged in the professional institute that the high pressure inside automobile manufacturing industry is out of shape processing technique studies, began the high pressure inside miniature component to be out of shape the feasibility of treatment experiments. Job of this one research and development also is European Union committee the 6th frame plans Masmicro (the conformity that volume of small product of essence of life produces production system) a medium project. From arrive simply complex inside high pressure is out of shape the advantage of processing technique depends on, can make a hollow pipe fitting the hollow component with complex form of a structure through a few very few measure. And use cutting processing technique to make same miniature hollow spare parts often should give huge effort and investment, and cannot finish at all even sometimes. Meet such, because cutting adds action of man-hour cutting tool to pass in the cutting pressure of miniature workpiece,be big, needs cutting handling time grows too or cutting tool cannot arrive at cutting to machine place. If use plank to make miniature hollow workpiece, often need much talk to be out of shape treatment working procedure, still need to use welder finally art the spare parts that shapes these alone plank winding solders together. Look from the effect, when the big batch of miniature spare parts is produced its economic benefits is inferior to inside high pressure is out of shape treatment. As a result of inside the relation that high pressure is out of shape the cooling sclerosis in treatment and material fiber are not cut off, use inside high-pressured engineering technology makes the miniature that come out have very tall stability; Because having the complete, cross section that close, because this is rigid very tall; Have what tolerancepublic errand mixes small external dimension to carry medium easily is fluent transfer. High pressure is out of shape the production of treatment can introduce one model inside many, ordinal model and class enter a model to wait be out of shape processing technique and whole production technological process keep consistent. In principle, high pressure is out of shape processing technique is applied to inside be in charge of continuously or the spare parts treatment of bent housing, so that make these hollow pipe fitting what change into cross section,change diameter pipe fitting, and the hollow part that has special figure along pipe fitting axial. Typical spare parts includes: System of the sensor component that can move along axial, telescope component, spray and mensurable system spare parts, and surgical operation uses appliance. What need pressure to press 1:1 higherscale is out of shape the high pressure inside large work treatment craft duplicates miniature inside high pressure is out of shape special difficulty is in treatment, its difficulty depends on miniature geometrical figure is different: Because cross section area is very small, be out of shape because of what what this needs treatment pressure is about tower above is very much. Increase the very high load when be out of shape, because of this mould component place susceptive load also will rise greatly. In addition, because the wall of final finished product is large very thin, some place are less than 1mm even, be out of shape to be out of shape function is mixed because of the crystal lattice structure of this material of treatment repeat precision to having huge effect. With large work inside high pressure is out of shape treatment is compared, large work is used inside a few relatively bulky crystallization grain can be checked when high pressure is out of shape detect in workpiece surface quality only after treatment. And in miniature workpiece inside high pressure is out of shape in processing technique, the influence of craft character decided to be able to be opposite only a few conditional large use inside high pressure is out of shape processing technique and physical method. Graph the high pressure inside 2 miniature pipe fitting is out of shape the upside that machines a mould, the end with the figure that sees pipe fitting and higher institute of sealed awl IFP is: Decide this sort is like above all shrink in proportion the machines craft basic case that puts type. For this, they used the fixture of hydraulic pressure of small mouth tubal enlarge that designs technically for experiment research and development. The note when comparing and process imitate circumstance are one to one correspondence also the ground expresses (graph 2) . The basic understanding that machines according to studying the high pressure inside gotten miniature is out of shape and need working parameter, those who use this kind of mould to be able to begin work of the first trial is small be out of shape machined. Experiment of big batch production is in the experiment of big batch production later, built technically to be used at the high pressure inside miniature to be out of shape the equipment of treatment. This machine tool used patent and sealed principle, the pipe fitting that can be less than 1mm to different metal stuff and diameter has enlarge opening, high pressure is out of shape inside the pressure when treatment is highest can amount to 4 000Pa (graph 3) . The mould of agile combination allows to undertake adjustment inside very short time, in order to apply to the treatment of different workpiece. Graph 3 miniature inside the requirement that high pressure is out of shape treatment satisfies different treatment public errand to can be inside the limits of a few micron with experiment mould, component of all machine tool and mould had number by order, use FEM (finite yuan of law) computation stress of its place susceptive (graph 4) . Design variable mathematical imitate through the change, can be opposite of equipment component be out of shape the state undertakes optimizing, so that can get highest component precision. Graph 4 be out of shape of the state optimize (on graph) . The high pressure inside some miniature is out of shape treatment mould is below effect of strength combining a model, on, lower mould and fixed position piece (X) and the width that combines plane (B) optimize a process. And the graph of imitate result shows (next graphs) same, when component of machine tool motivation works, be opposite the mould is sealed yuan of concussion of parts of an apparatus, internally high pressure is out of shape the repetition of treatment precision and be out of shape those who process raw material of the pipe fitting in the process is new distributing having conclusive effect. The linear that suffers pilot to contain axis of ball loop snail independently each other through two is carried out implement the power that can produce the biggest 800N. Axial is carried out implement fixed position precision is 15 μ M, assured edge of miniature pipe fitting thereby advocate be out of shape treatment direction is having enough fixed position precision. Treatment of big batch production is used inside high pressure is out of shape the structural rationality that machines equipment, still need IFP to produce the research with technical further institute, the repetition that produces a course especially precision still requires further research. Current research has proved as a result: Component of drive component, control system, operation and adjust the loop dependability system that is helpful for raising a mould to machine a process, and still can optimize further.

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