Stand lie boring of essence of changeover machining center secures circular use

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In recent years, stand lie pentahedral advantage can be machined continuously after changeover machining center is placed with one of second outfit, get the welcome of a lot of users. My factory developed the milling machine of numerical control tool that can undertake the machining center of changeover and hand move changeover automatically standing lying early or late. This kind of machine tool (include 5 dragon door to machine machine tool) , because stand,lie changeover makes department of machine tool coordinate produced change, bring a few issues to actual process designing, among them the mainest is treatment of boring of essence of life (the issue that the point of a knife in G76, G87) removes a knife. 2XH7910 of graph 1(a)(b) graph stands lie machining center is in before leaving factory, machine tool coordinate sets by horizontal (graph 1) . What use as a result of the machine tool is FANUC 0MC system, the function is changed without coordinate in controlling software, in be being operated so, must notice the machine tool turns after be vertical, cutting tool feed turns into by Z axis Y axis. When the machine tool undertakes boring of essence of G76, G87 is machined, the basis processes circular chart type (graph 2) is knowable, have one main shaft directional with the movement that retreat a knife. Because the machine tool must be horizontal when changing a knife automatically, directional position already adjusted main shaft as parallel as X axis, reason machine tool changes from beginning to end, directional position is changeless, and the direction that retreat a knife depends on the treatment that CNC appoints is planar (G17, G18, G19) . In the set in CNCP 0002 parameter the direction that retreat a knife (see subordinate list) . The PMXY2 before machine tool of PMXY2PMXY1G17G18G1900+X+Z+Y01-X-Z-Y10+Y+X+Z11-Y-X-Z of 0002 set watch leaves factory and PMXY1 all set parameter for 0. In horizontal treatment, executive instruction G17G76(G87)X_Y_R_Q_P_F_K_ : Z axis machines feed direction for aperture, treatment plane is XY(G17) . If graph 3a place is shown,knife way is removed in G17 plane, the machine tool can move normally. When the machine tool turns to be machined for vertical, executive instruction G18G76(G87)X_Y_R_Q_P_F_K_ : At this moment Kong Jia is versed in direction turns into Y axis feed, treatment plane is XZ(G18) . According to the set before PMXY2, PMXY1 leaves factory, the machine tool retreats knife direction to be below G18 means + Z, apparent point of a knife is collision on hole wall (graph 3b) . Analyse from above knowable, PMXY2=1, PMXY1=2 turns into parameter set when wanting to be machined in vertical only, like retreating knife direction to will add man-hour with horizontal, all be + X, can solve a problem. The method that modification parameter uses with the hand after the machine tool is changed every time is too trival, and the characteristic that also cannot develop CNC machine tool to be machined automatically. The G10(that can use CNC system at this moment but process designing data is inputted) the value that code will come to revise PMXY2 and PMXY1, what realize parameter thereby is automatic change. (A)(b) pursues 3 specific process designing are as follows: Subprogram O9020: (From vertical treatment changeover machines for horizontal) G10 L50: 10 × of × of N0002 × × of × of × of × of OO of × of × of P of × × × : G11: M72 M99: Subprogram O9021: (From horizontal treatment changeover machines for vertical) G10 L50: 10 × of × of × of P of × of × of × of × of OO of × of N0002 P × × × × : G11: M71: M99: Among them: G10 L50: But process designing parameter inputs means G11: Cancel parameter to input means M71: Head of machine tool main shaft is vertical by horizontal changeover (the hand moves changeover machine tool to be able to omit) M72: Head of machine tool main shaft is horizontal by vertical changeover (the hand moves changeover machine tool to be able to omit) the × in the program expresses to join numerical value to maintain formerly changeless. Go to the lavatory to be called in be operated actually, can establish parameter P0220 value for 74, p0221 value is set for 73, dictate in machine program M73(calls subprogram O9020) and M74(to call subprogram O9021) directly so can. Notice the following: Must the FXY in parameter P0057 set for 1, otherwise aperture treatment is Z axis feed from beginning to end: Set the TLCD in parameter P0019 for 1, length of choice cutting tool compensates C: Outside dividing rigid tap, other aperture treatment secures a loop to all can be appointed through plane will come true. The subprogram with this method corresponding work out consults in machine tool of 5 dragon door. CNC Milling