2 tons weigh a machine tool to make teacup of finger big copper

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2 tons of heavy colossus, can make what have big toe volume only unexpectedly " the tea service that build a bowl " . 8 days, contest of skill of Chongqing city numerical control takes part in the match the player begins to undertake be operatinged actually comparing going all out, 47 work that the spot shows, a life with the citizen about. The machine tool does an articles for daily use to be in the citizen's impression, tremendous lathe can produce the equipment of the machine only. But 47 work that the reporter sees in the spot yesterday, with us the life concerns: Fork of box of goblet, vase, exquisite, fruit, ashtray. Can come out with production of numerical control machine tool these things, must make a person plaint the heart of these workers is deft. Copper makes a teacup be like the finger greatly in 47 exhibiting work, a the smallest exhibit is teacup of bowl of a coppery lid: Have big toe volume only. And this elegant tea service is unexpectedly by 2 tons of heavy lathe are made those who come out. Make this work take part in the match player Chen Chao tells a reporter, most plan to make tea set with steel first, but make good-looking. Chen Chao serves as raw material with copper again, in a burnish on 2 tons of heavy machine tools a long time, made this cover the tea service with big big toe eventually. Say according to organizing committee controller, the work that these revealing will be judged respectively piece one, 2, third class award. If the player is willing, the spot on the prize-giving plenary meeting that these work hold 12 days possibly still this month is auctioned. CNC Milling