Aolinbasi will be new appear on the market water quality examination analyses equipment automatically

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Aolinbasi will appear on the market on September 1, 2004 but high speed is full automatic examination iron content and hardness most the automatic analysis equipment of project of 48 water quality " KL600 " . This equipment is to face boiler drug manufacturer and steely industry, develop to check the water quality of boiler water. This equipment can undertake high speed is handled, conduce to improve business efficiency. New facility can be analysed 800 times hourly. Should analyse a project to be able to detect hourly to body of a check 800 check body, and if check-up of a check checks 4 project criterion,can detect hourly 200 check body. The Glasscuvette that because use,can use repeatedly additionally, because this conduces to economic battalion,carry cost is mixed reduce litter. The analysis when checking every time also reduces 150 μ L with reagent dosage. CNC Milling