Weather strip installs a note

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Cannot installing some weather strip forcibly is in putting the filling in groovy shape to case, need to deserve closely to install at this moment, when construction cannot coarse, cruel, the strong luggage with very big movement destroys weather strip into certainly will primitive and prefab structure, like place is being filled to need place to cause disaster necessarily after this is just like a prefab concrete to break into pieces. Install to this kind of weather strip must very careful, careful, pace of cent of built-in beard successive undertakes;     2.

The sealed function of the sealing surface that does not mar weather strip appearance or weather strip of sealed line plane relies on fluctuation the sealed function of weather strip of hydraulic pressure of; of two end panel depends on the labial opening line that distributes related to Kong Huo axis, these place all by already soft of rich resilience be able to bear or endure lukewarm, anti-corrosive, be able to bear or endure the special material of these easy damage injuries makes the black lead of ageing, rubber-plastic, fiber, need to be being carried more consequently, special protection and keep an eye on give in installation, custodial process, once be damaged,often can leave   of   of; of very big hidden trouble to sealed place 3.

Need to pay attention to balance, semmetry to place weather strip in when installation buckle effective sealing surface closely fitly (or labial opening line) the position. The system is liberal after using, still need to do farther observation and the work of deal with problems arising from an accident of the weather strip that tighten solid, the as a result of operating mode condition change in avoiding systematic work process (be like pressure boost) and the burst that produces small leak to cause CNC Milling