The new-style broach of cutting stainless steel comes out

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Day establishs a tool to be in what ~15 day held at Index Osaka on April 12, 2006 " processing technique of the 17th mould is exhibited (INTERMOLD2006) " on, exhibited to use what mechanical to nicety component and electronic component undertake imperceptible bore is machined and develop to get " EpochMicroDrill " . Can use the cutting data such as the treatment colophony, metal that be not iron, stainless steel, alloy steel, can manage stable treatment than ground of longer in the past period. Through using the TiSiN with very fine particle kind plated film, even if is diametical inadequacy 0.

The tool of 1mm wears away not easily also. The data of cutting of tall adherent sex that connects stainless steel and so on also smoothly eduction cuts bits, because this broach is not easy,break off. The circularity that gets a power is in 0.

Above of 2 μ M, cylinder is spent in 0.

5 μ M is the following, did diametical public errand realize 0~ ? The high accuracy of 4 μ M. Reduced the deviation when securing from this, increased to machine stability. The product shares 13 model, the diameter is in 0.


Between 2mm, the price is 5072~6993 yen (the) that contain tax. Book appeared on the market in May 2006. CNC Milling