Laser frit Fu applies mediumly in Sheet Metal Fabrication

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As swift and violent development of industry, the main effect of Sheet Metal Fabrication is highlighted gradually, laser beam machining good as a result of its flexibility, precision fast, heat affects tall, rate small, easily the advantage such as process designing and implementation automation, be applied extensively at Ban gold cut, solder the domain such as the Fu that reach frit. At present technology of processing of laser surface modified is being applied extensively gradually grow quickly for a brand-new industry. The equipment that our country has several yuan is enlisting in army in, annual because of its key component corrode, wear away, make equipment stop production, discard as useless the 3%~5% that the loss that cause holds national economy total production value. Technology of laser surface modified is fragile in industrial production the exterior aggrandizement of easy cost component produced main effect with production respect. Our country tackles key problem through science and technology of a few 5 years of countries plan, make this technology already got applied in many domains. Be in early 20 centuries at the beginning of 80 time, british RollsRoyce company uses technology of laser frit apply to combine place to have spread of stiff dough frit to housing of RB211 turbine engine, obtained favorable result. Home antedates on the commercial application that the century has realized laser frit apply in sunken roller surface, already used frit apply technology spaceflight, ship now, light the domain such as machine and engine, the sources of energy. CO2 laser because wavelengh long, absorptivity low, volume is large, use this laser to have laser finishing waste time can bigger. Undertake laser modified to component surface, be equivalent to making its put on to defend armor, improved the service life of workpiece greatly. Technology of laser surface modified basically includes laser face posture to become sclerotic, laser remelting aggrandizement, laser alloy aggrandizement, aggrandizement of laser frit apply. Laser frit apply also says laser wraps Fu, it is a kind of new exterior modified technology, it is passed frit apply material is added in base material surface, use high-energy laser bundle make its and base material surface a frit coagulates, form the frit apply layer that is united in wedlock with matrix metallurgy thereby. Spend as a result of the dilute of frit apply layer lesser, assured the superior performance of material of former frit apply. Base material surface will make a kind of brand-new composite material after frit apply, it enhanced the exterior performance of base material significantly, of basis workpiece enlist in army environment, the frit apply material that differs through the choice is OK preparation heat-resisting, be able to bear or endure corrode, wear-resisting, fight oxidation or fight the surface such as exhaustion to protect frit apply layer, go to the lavatory neatly, greatly cut the production cost of workpiece. The face that laser surface modified is used at the component such as mould of axial roller, car, gear defends, photograph heated processing and frit Fu processing and rehabilitate, the component that uses aggrandizement of surface of technology of laser frit apply to make exceeds the part that conventional technology makes on function not only, reach the dominant position of treatment as a result of material at the same time, manufacturing cost reduces 20%~40% , manufacturing cycle also shortens 80% the left and right sides. Below the environment that advocates green reproducing and energy-saving environmental protection today, can foreknow laser frit apply will have wide market perspective. CNC Milling