The law of automatic unripe set prescription of the process chart in CAD/CAPP compositive system

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[summary] the more current method that the article introduced to be generated automatically one kind in the process chart in CAD/CAPP compositive system, offerred way of two kinds of different implementation. Make clear with example success application received in Pro/ENGINEER system. [keyword] the graphical expression that process chart of foreword of Pro/ENGINEER1 of CAD/CAPP process chart is technology design result, also be the main component in craft file [1] . The information of process chart originates information of spare parts description and process file [2] . In CAD/CAPP compositive system, the design of process undertakes automatically, the design of process chart also should be generated automatically. However of process chart generate automatically with manual scale it is two kinds of completely different ideas, basically face a few following difficulty. (1) the synchronous issue that designs with craft. In whole CAPP system, the design change of process should be mirrorred in real time to process chart. In the meantime, the modification that process chart place makes also can feedback in real time to undertake modification to craft file, come true namely two-way and interactive or each other operation. (2) of process chart generating is a trends nonlinear process [2][3] . Process chart always undertakes is in metabolic ceaselessly as what machine a process, cannot use a kind of fixed algorithm and means scale. (3) process chart is generated automatically is complete by the plot process of parameter drive [4] , and parameter changes plot to still can apply on a few simpler spare partses only at present (like the axis kind spare parts) . (4) differ in thousands ways of spare parts sort, the methodological scale that secures very hard with a kind is all all process chart of the type. This shows, in CAD/CAPP compositive system, of CAPP process chart be being generated automatically is the decisive task with a greater difficulty all the time. The article basically elaborated the CAPP process chart below a kind of more current CAD/CAPP compositive system to make a system automatically, and the feasibility that adduce example shows to this method falls in Pro/ENGINEER. A when generate mechanism CAPP process chart automatic of 2 CAPP process chart principal mechanism is after forth push a way instead. Namely: It is a foundation with model of three-dimensional spare parts, according to the feature that working procedure has formed in condition, the certain part feature that has not machine through deleting on one hand, revise the parameter of certain feature according to working procedure dimension on the other hand, build the three-dimensional work model of some working procedure, second birth becomes 2 dimension process chart. Particular procedure is as follows: Set out from last working procedure of craft course, the working procedure dimension of all features that machine place of this working procedure and its craft information go enclothing the relevant data in model of spare parts information, refresh is equivalent to after enclothing. This new information model represents current process, such ground of a working procedure turns a process forth, till semifinished product condition. The material that actually the process of refresh is equivalent to crossing treatment again " fill " go back. Get the workpiece information model of every working procedure so. Again according to model of every workpiece information, transfer the function of a few API of CAD, get the process chart of this working procedure, those who end up with is semifinished product graph. This kind " after forth " the good point that makes means bring is: Above all, the position of jumping-off place is clear, can machine the condition in the process certainly through the program; The 2nd, of process chart building a course is by complex arrive simple, the freedom of the design is spent decrease, to the program processing was brought very easy. 3 process chart generate means automatically to reach generate flow to create mechanism automatically according to process chart, have type of two kinds of unripe set prescription: It is the type of unripe set prescription that is based on model attempt, 2 it is the type of unripe set prescription that is based on three-dimensional work model. Former and main application is produced at large-scale, seriation, latter is more applicable to the spare parts of complex form. 3.

The type of 1 unripe set prescription that is based on model attempt the principle of this method: Use the method that is based on displacement of dimension of craft model attempt, establish good example plan beforehand namely, transfer into example pursues automatically next, load the dimension information in coming from technical data library example, get working procedure diagram namely. The advantage of this method is simple, convenient. Those who be based on model attempt is automatic if the graph is shown 1 times,generate flow. Graph 1 those who be based on model attempt is automatic generate flow 3.


1 example pursues establish the plan of working procedure example that establishs all sorts of typical spare partses beforehand. Example pursues establish pattern, use from hind forth push a way instead, ordinal build. Very similar to those appearance around working procedure, can build a model jointly, code name of line out dimension, be like a diameter, can mark a D. Next, all model the graph builds graph number, in stocking graphical database. 3.


2 example pursue call the current process information that provides according to technology design system, be informed its number, duplicate automatically from inside graphical database next this model attempt. 3.


3 dimension are replaced automatically and the corresponding relation of symbol of the dimension in the craft example plan with good according to be being built beforehand drive and treatment feature parameter consults watch, read from inside technical data library take dimension news, replace the parameter symbol in example automatically next. 3.


4 editors revised the process above to basically had made working procedure sketch, this one pace is right merely it undertakes perfecting (when necessary) . Be like pair of measure values, deviation, surface roughness, form tolerancepublic errand and symbol of fixed position clamp undertake arrange and be modificationed locally, insert a few special craft symbols to wait. 3.


The output of diagram of 5 working procedure stocks generated working procedure sketch automatically graphical database with DXF format. 3.

The type of 2 unripe set prescription that are based on three-dimensional work model the principle of this method: Above all, according to the spare parts model in CAD system (diagnostic model) information, combine the craft news that CAPP system makes, judge every working procedure automatically to should delete the feature that what already formed, should revise parameter of what feature dimension (be worth by working procedure dimension) , produce three-dimensional work model automatically. Next, the basis is machined main trend of the feature, model of will three-dimensional work is automatic and umbriferous make 2 dimension process chart. The advantage of this method is agile and convenient, can make the process chart of aleatoric and complex form, can satisfy the requirement that craft graph trends changes adequately. Those who be based on three-dimensional work model is automatic if the graph is shown 2 times,generate flow. Graph 2 those who be based on three-dimensional work model is automatic generate flow to be based on workpiece of three-dimensional model generate as main as what be based on model attempt to generate distinction automatically to depend on: Feature and dimension handle module and automatic and umbriferous module. Feature and the information that dimension handles originate the process information that reads in in technical data library: Machine diagnostic collect and size property market. Machine diagnostic collect to count eye, treatment by treatment feature among them the attribute composition such as ID of feature of diagnostic name, treatment and treatment feature type. Size property market is main by the ID of dimension, dimension deviation of fluctuation of value, dimension and other and relevant attribute are comprised. In the process that machines in the spare parts, assembly of these two features undertakes as what machine a process and generation trends changes, control collect of these two features to be able to control workpiece model to be generated stage by stage. Processing process is as follows. (1) judgement processes diagnostic volume, to around for two working procedure, for instance, np path and working procedure of Np-1 line, if diagnostic market is same, criterion working procedure of Np line is done not have new add a feature; If diagnostic market is different, demonstrating a certain trait in working procedure of Np line is done not have in working procedure of Np-1 line, want to delete this feature in working procedure of Np-1 line. (2) market of judgement size property. If diagnostic market is same, dimension market is same also, criterion the program is returned; If dimension market is different (basically be to point to same size ID, and the situation with different value. Because be based on same a workpiece model, its dimension ID is changeless) from beginning to end, make clear in these two working procedure, measure value produced change, replace metabolic dimension and drive model, the workpiece model of before getting then one working procedure. (3) the control of the program is to use set of working procedure amount to circulate, after every build model of a workpiece, working procedure amount is decreased 1, for instance work ordinal number is the spare parts of Np, decrease successively by Np when final work ordinal number 0 when, criterion altogether gets Np workpiece model. After workpiece model is generated, automatic and umbriferous the 2 development function that work into what view module place makes even if uses CAD, change the hand umbriferous the process that becomes one each to move. 3.

3 process chart are automatic generating program flow chart pursues the process flow chart that 3 process chart make automatically the 4 application in compositive system of CAD/CAPP of car spare parts article place narrates a method to already was Changchun in author school the CAD/CAPP of car spare parts that institute of plant of one steam batholith develops is able to apply in compositive system, use convenient, the result is favorable. Below with respect to one of car batholith important part -- turn to a section to be exemple, those who will elaborate the CAPP process chart that is based on Pro/ENGINEER to fall is automatic build a course. 4.

1CAD/CAPP compositive system is overall frame CAD/CAPP compositive system is overall frame is shown 4 times like the graph. Main component becomes 3 big subsystem. Compositive system of graph 4 CAD/CAPP is overall frame (1) the information that is platform with system of management of SQL Server database supports a system. Memory and management and the full data related this system, the concerned technology knowledge that craft of all sorts of technical data that in including products plan information, craft to design a process, generate, support designs and technology natural resources. 3 kinds of big afore-mentioned information store respectively in product information library, technical data library and library of technology knowledge natural resources. (2) the technology that develops independently to develop a tool with JAVA designs a system. This module offerred craft to design compositive interface, the function that realizes CAPP main module and each function module compositive. This part provides all function except process chart design. (3) the graph that is a foundation with Pro/ENGINEER designs a system. Use at designing personnel to build product model on one hand, generation designs draft message. On the other hand, develop a tool 2 times through Pro/Toolkit, offer product information to get for technologist design two big functions with process chart. 4.

2 implementation process pursues 5, 6 express to arrive from CAD system the compositive process of CAPP system. 2 development that carry Pro/ENGINEER above all make process chart automatically, output next for DXF format, the file of this DXF format can be called automatically by the JAVA program of CAPP system, the graphical data that realized platform of compose of a kind of different thereby is shared. A few characteristics that this process chart makes a system are below. (1) have certain and flexible. Cause the change of procedure when diagnostic additions and deletions, when occurrence working procedure counts increase and decrease, process chart also can produce corresponding adjustment automatically; The process chart of system of graph 5 Pro/ENGINEER (2) can modify a certain process alone. If technologist discovers a certain working procedure must be generated afresh, and other working procedure is changeless, can send a message and communication of system of process chart design, modify this process alone. (3) alternant design. The system is made in process chart in, technologist can revise a certain dimension alone, stock a database next, feedback arrives CAPP system, those who realize both is alternant. (4) view commutation. Offerred a very convenient view change bill of fare, can circle X according to needing random, y, z3 directional change view. (5) the accretion of special symbol. Provided library of a special symbol, will do not have in Pro/ENGINEER, and the symbol of a few craft with commonly used enterprise is done in symbolic library. These symbols can move at will, size also can change at will. The process chart of system of graph 6 CAPP the article offerred 5 last words a kind of solution that process chart of the CAPP in CAD/CAPP compositive system makes automatically, elaborated its the good application in practice. CNC Milling